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Fort In The Woods 



Fort in the Woods is a home for people who strive to break routine to pursue adventure and creativity.  Whether that's by building an epic fort on your own or learning new skills, we welcome you to the Fort!  

Welcome to the Fort.


Catapults, wooden swords and shields,

We grew up with a childhood straight out of Tom Sawyer or Calvin and Hobbes, roaming the woods in search of mischief and materials to build whatever came to our minds:

go karts with wind sails attached,

empires with the neighborhood kids as citizens,


and of course, forts in the woods.

Those days hold a special place in our memories and we want nothing more than for YOU and your kids to have the same kinds of memories.

We imagine that if you are our age or older, you grew up in a similar way, and like us it’s hard for you to watch that way of life slip away. It is our mission to create content to help you reminisce, and share with your kids and guide them to the same wondrous childhood that we were so fortunate to have in our day.

About the Founders

Jacob and Isaac are brothers who grew up together with their sister in the countryside of North Carolina, roaming the woods and building forts and whatever else came to their minds.

Isaac Rudolph

Isaac attended and graduated from a small Bible college and spent several years during and after college working at an outdoor summer camp as a counselor and later as the camp's videographer and media director. He and his wife Holly got married in 2020 and are working towards building a house on the family farm.

Isaac Rudolph
Jacob Rudolph

Jacob Rudolph

Jacob has his background in design. He spent several years working in graphic display fabrication and then moved on to work at a 3D animation studio. Jacob and his wife Kasey have a four year old son who loves being outside with them, partaking in their adventures. 

They both now spend their time working on Fort In The Woods, on their jointly owned media production company, and helping their parents get the new family farm started.

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