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The Childhood We Had

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I remember a mother's day card that Jacob made for our mom one year. On it he wrote that we had a childhood that Mark Twain would have loved. And I believe that’s true. Our childhood was abnormal for sure, especially by today's standards. But it was a childhood full of adventure and creativity. We roamed the woods all around our neighborhood and built swords and suits of armor out of whatever we could get our hands on. We had our own empire with our own currency and we waged battles that, in our imaginative minds, felt as real and as glorious as the battles we read about and saw in movies like The Lord of the Rings. Swords were built and broken, banners were painted and flown, knuckles were bashed and bruised, and memories were made and are cherished, and I wouldn’t trade those for anything.


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