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Finding Adventure on the Grey Days

Even on dreary overcast days, adventure can be found, and unique adventure at that. Adventure and exploring is about one main thing: capturing a feeling from the setting that you are in. A big part of setting is the mood. The same location on a clear sunny day is going to feel completely different than a grey misty day where the wind blows your shirt and hair about as you walk. There is a certain feeling of epicness as you walk a stony mountain path and look to the side to see a valley full of mist that flows like a river as the wind pushes it along. It feels as if you are in a movie. The cinematic drama a moody day brings can be found anywhere. A wind battered beach on Hatteras Island, sand whips through the air. It stings the face and legs but the beach is pristine. A sunny day brings crowds and life, yet the edge of the winds allows the adventurous to see the place as it was a century before. Had we not stopped, we would have missed the experience and not known the better. In a sense, the memory of a day that was earned is very rewarding but neither day is necessarily better than the other. Both are an experience and it would be a shame to only ever see one setting because you spent the overcast day inside as it passed you by. Get out, go prepared, make stories, and find adventure all around you whether you are traveling or in the woods behind your house.

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