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How to make a bow from a PVC pipe

Materials you will need

PVC pipe (4 to 6 feet)

High strength twine or string

Electrical tape (optional)

1′ long hard wood rod


A hand saw

Table clamp or a bench vice

A file

And some sand paper

A little wisdom

Before you begin you should understand that you are making a possibly dangerous thing here, depending on how you choose to use it. A bow is a projectile weapon and if you decide to do something crazy like point one at one of your comrades, then you could really hurt them. That being said, the kids in our neighborhood, and my brother and I played with bows, and ran through the woods with them all the time when we were kids and never got hurt with them. And that was because we were smart enough to not point them at each other. So, if you are going to do this project, be smart.

Making the bow

Alright, now that we got through that, here’s what you need to do:

Take the pipe and cut each end at a 45 degree angle. Make sure that both ends are lined up. After you cut the pipe, take your sandpaper and smooth out where you made the cut.

After that, take your wooden rod and trim it down until it fits snugly into the end of the pipe. The rod must be snug and cannot be loose in the pipe. This is important. After it is secure in the pipe, cut the rod about 4 inches above the end of the pipe. Once the cut has been made, sand away any splinters. Next, take your file and file away a shallow groove around the base of the rod. Repeat the process on the other end of the bow.

At this point you need a bow string. Para-cord will work in a pinch but we don’t recommend it. Para-cord will stretch and thus you will have a lose of power. You can easily make your own bow string and you can learn how by finding the link in the video below.

After you have your bow string of choice ready to go, tie a loop at the end and loop it over the first end of the bow. Place this end of the bow on the ground. Hold the string parallel to the bow and tie the second loop about a foot below the end of the bow.

Stringing the bow

Place the lower end of the bow behind one of your feet and bend the bow with your knee. With the bow bent, slip the top loop over the top of the bow.

Make it your own

At this point you are ready to add any final touches you wish to put on to make your bow your own. Add handles, arrow rests, or finger grips to the string. Be creative!

All finished

Alright there you go. You have now made you very own bow to use and carry with you on your expeditions. Remember, enjoy the bow, but be smart with it and you will be fine. Use your head, you know what is smart and what isn’t.

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