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How to Build a Wooden Sword

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

So we made a video on how to build a wooden sword, which will be down below at the end of this article, and here are the materials and steps from that build:


1 oak plank 3 to 4 feet long

1 log or plank about 1 foot long

3 rivets or 3 sets of nuts and bolts

Tools Needed: (Check out our 7 Tools Every Kid Needs article or video!)

Drill and drill bit

Rivet gun (or wrenches if you choose to use bolts over rivets)




1) Measure two and a half hand lengths for the handle

2) Cut off the end of the board to use for the handle pieces later

3) Take the log or plank and cut to desired length of cross guard

4) Cut cross guard block down the middle length-ways

5) Drill a hole in each end of both cross guard pieces for the rivets

6) Cut the handle piece from earlier down the middle length-ways

7) Glue and clamp pieces to the handle portion of the sword

8) After the glue dries, plane and file corners off to round the handle

9) Shape the blade by planning off the corners of the plank

10) Place the cross guard above the handle and rivet the ends together

11) Drill a hole through middle of cross guard and the sword

12) Run a rivet through the hole to secure the cross guard to the sword

13) Sand, oil, or otherwise decorate your sword as you see fit!

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