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How to build a PVC Blowgun and Darts for $10

As kids we used to make different weapons, including blowguns, out of just about anything we could find. In this article we explain how to make a blowgun out of a few bits of PVC and darts out of some fluff and metal wire.

For the Blowgun

Materials needed:

2 3 foot sections of ½ inch, threaded PVC pipe

1 ½ inch threaded connector

1 ½ inch T joint

2 ½ inch plugs


1) Screw the T joint into the end of the first length of pipe

2) Attach the connector into the other end

3) Insert the 2 plugs into the sides of the T joint

4) Cut second length of pipe in half (make sure to not leave behind any of the plastic shavings after the cut. Sand the area down and rinse off)

5) Drill a hole in the top of the T joint to serve as a mouthpiece. (use a file and sandpaper to clean off the shavings)

6) Take second length of pipe that was already cut and attach to the connector

For the Darts

Materials needed:

Some sort of thin metal rod. Options include: Bike wheels spokes, umbrella spokes, or insulation support wires. In the video we used the insulation support wires.

Pillow stuffing or alpaca fur. Something fluffy that will hold together well. We used pillow stuffing in the video.

Super glue



1) Cut the metal rods to desired length

2) Sharpen one end of the darts by hammering it flat and then using a metal file to fine tune the edge.

3) Apply a small amount of super glue about 2 inches from the back of the dart

4) Run the back of the dart through the stuffing to the point where the glue is. Make sure the stuffing makes good contact with the glue and is well adhered to the metal.

5) Work towards the back of the dart adding more glue and adhering more stuffing until you reach the end.

6) Take the thread and wrap it around the base of the stuffing many times by spinning the dart in your fingers. After the thread is well and secure, run a single thread up and around the length of the fletching. When this single thread reaches the end of the fletching use a small drop of super glue to secure the thread in place and then cut.

7) Coat the spool of thread at the base of the fletching with a healthy amount of super glue. When this dries this will protect the thread and make it stronger, giving it a kind of armor coating.

And that is how we build a PVC blowgun and accompanying darts! We made a video of us doing this very project that you can check out below.

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