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My favorite knife EVER.

Updated: May 16, 2019

Something people often talk about when talking about what gear to go with, is quality for the price. But in my opinion that isn’t even a consideration with the Glock 81. This is my favorite knife I have ever had hands down, for the price or otherwise. And that is the great thing about this knife: it is solid beyond belief but is not expensive by any means at around the $35 mark. But let’s get into the features of this thing that I think make it great.

Ok so one of the greatest things about the Glock knives is the sheath that it comes in. It is made from a single piece of the same tough polymer as the handle and it strikes the perfect balance of rigidness while still being able to bend when it needs so that it doesn’t break.


But what truly sets the Glock sheath apart is the locking mechanism. A tab at the top of the sheath firmly clicks into place when the knife is pushed down ensuring that the knife is not going anywhere until you pull up on the tab to get the knife back out again.


The sheath also comes complete with a belt loop that slides open so it can easily be taken off and put back on again without having to take off your belt.


The knife itself is made from a high carbon steel so it can produce a very fine edge but rusts quite easily and is one of the Glocks few downsides. But the knife comes with a smooth black finish coating that helps prevent rust so that will be a minimal issue until the knife has seen some use and the coating begins to wear off.

Glock actually makes two models of this knife, one with a saw blade on the back, the M81 and one without, being the M78. I have always favored the M81 because I see no reason to pass up the extra feature of the saw blade.


The cross guard turns upward at 90 degrees at the back and can be used as a bottle opener. The handle, as stated above, is made from the same durable polymer as the sheath.


Again the handle really sets this knife apart as it can take far more abuse than a handle coated with rubber or one made from wood. Which is a very good thing since this knife is also very well balanced and can be thrown if you so wish. Which means lots of mud and scratches, but this thing shrugs them off no problem.


In my opinion there is no other knife that comes close to this one, especially for the money that you are spending and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to pick one up for yourself I have provided an Amazon link here from which we will get a share of the sale and you will get a phenomenal knife.

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