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We LOVE this L.E.D. Camping Lantern

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

We bought the Barebones camping lantern for our father about a year ago as a birthday gift. There is old barn on our property with no lights in it and it was a hassle to start the propane lanterns each time we needed anything. Propane lanterns are excellent and provide bright warm light for hours. However, they are tricky to start at times and get very hot. Isaac burned his arm on one as we painted the huge trebuchet before sunrise on the day of the video shoot! That being said, we were looking for a safe, easy, long lasting light source, for the dark barn or the late evenings cutting timber. We also wanted a blend of modern tech and the rustic looks of yesteryear. After some research we found the Barebones LED lantern, it charges via USB and emits warm yellow light for around 60 hours on low and 4 hours on full. This lantern's charge lasts a long time but in my opinion if you are in need a specialized light for long term high output, you may want to look at different tier of lantern. I usually use it on low to medium and don't have to charge it for several weekends. There is a knob that controls the brightness so that you can have it exactly where you like as well as four LEDs right underneath it that light up green to show the remaining battery level.

Over all I like this lantern for its functionality and its look. The shell is fashioned from metal and painted with a vintage bronze color so it feels and looks sturdy and old fashioned. A version painted in red is also available which looks like it could come straight off of an old west train car.

The lantern can be found at this link, and the red version can be found here.

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